January through April the Thomas Farm is full in its springtime bloom, home to fields of sustainably grown Tulips, Anemone, Ranunculus, Sweet William, Sweet Peas, Freesia, and more. Free of pesticide residues, grown in balance with our environment’s seasonal changes, and conducive to a low carbon footprint, locally grown organic flowers are beneficial to our health, and that of our planet. Why Buy Organic Flowers?


With fields abloom in over 400 varieties, early July brings the Thomas Farm into Dahlia Town. Dahlias offer a spectacular spread for summertime wedding ceremonies, and other special events. Also available for special order (and available at all of our farmers’ market locations) during the months of summer, are our certified organic Sunflowers, Bells of Ireland, Coreopsis, Diablo Cosmos, Blue Horizon, a variety of ornamental grains, and more. Wedding page.


The Thomas Farm’s completely dry farmed, devilishly good Tomatoes make their appearance July-November at farmers’ markets in the Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz counties. Corralitos’ temperate climate, decades of sustainable growing practice, and a bit of chance, allows for our diverse produce to begin its seasonal rotation as early as May. Find our always organic sweet Red Onions, Potatoes, Garlic, Summer Squash, Peaches, Plums, Apples, Winter Squash, and more, at a market local to you! Looking for an exceptional CSA? Check out what High Ground Organics has to offer.

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